The Tactical Pencil, LLC

A Full Service Creative Studio

The Tactical Pencil is a full-service creative design and art studio. Specializing in illustration and graphic design The Tactical Pencil can provide quality commercial art and design services for any sized project. If you can imagine it, I can create it!
Be Creative…Think Tactical!

Tactical Pencil a full service Creative Studio

About the Art Director

DL Maffett Art Director

Hi! I'm DL Maffett, the Creative and Art Director for The Tactical Pencil, LLC. I am part time crime fighter by day and full time creative by night and when not doing that I'm and unemployed comedian. No...seriously, I fight crime and do art just about every day, and tell horrible jokes. I have worked as a freelance artist for nearly three decades. I have worked on projects ranging from graphic design for major league sports entertainment to independent comic book / graphic novels. I can and have worked most positions and roles in any creative experience from project lead to staff artist. When you have a design problem, and no one else can help, and if you can find me, you can hire The Tactical Pencil. (example of a really bad joke) 

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